Tattoo aftercare kit
from 1000 ₽

Everything you need we have already collected. You just have to buy the package in our studio and follow the recommendations.

For more details ask our administrators.

Tattoo Care Guide

Faux Pas Studio does not guarantee quality tattoo healing, even if all the above recommendations are observed due to the personal characteristics of each individual and is not responsible for possible allergic and other reactions to drugs from the kit.
1. Ointment disinfecting and healing, 1 pc.
2. Self-adhesive absorbent dressing, 4 pcs.
3. A set of paper napkins, 1 pack.
4. Care instructions, 1 pc.
1. 24 hours after applying the tattoo, remove the bandage and wash off the discharge with running water.
2. Blot with a paper towel (3).
3. Apply a layer of ointment over the entire surface of the tattoo (1).
4. Cover the tattoo with a bandage (2).
5. Repeat points 1−4 three times twice a day.
6. In the future, do not allow the skin to dry at this place, continue to use the ointment (1) until the peeling stops.
Recommendations for healing
The complete healing process takes 10−14 days.
During this period, try not to steam out this area of skin, not to take hot baths, not to confine yourself to a cool shower.
Avoid direct contact of the tattoo with cuffs, woolen items, bracelets, chains, watches and other items that can damage the healing skin.
Do not crush the crust formed.
Refuse from the bath, sauna, solarium, pool and gym for the specified period.
Be sure to use sunscreen when you are in the sun in hot sunny weather. This will preserve the bright color of the tattoo for many years.