Valera Lozinsky

Lives and experiments in styles: black-and-white graphics, dotwork, linework and minimalism.
Valera belongs to the generation that quickly finds inspiration in seemingly ordinary things. Snatching images seen in films, rethinking the correspondence of XIX century prose writers, or shifting the emphasis of the composition due a synthetic tune.

Valera's creative style took shape in St. Petersburg, where he arrived on a gloomy rainy morning. Because of this, the works tend to be black and the art of details is emphasized by the graywash technique. With five years of experience in the profession Valera found himself on the doorstep of our Studio. Now his work are graphic images and surreal miniatures exactly "planted" on the curves of the body. You will easily succumb to the charm of Valera, this we guarantee you.

Appointments to Valera: +7 (495) 774-50-72,